Hiking at Breakneck Mountain

March 15, 2014


It was one of the first sunny days of spring after having an abundance of snow and rainy days.

The sun was shining and we were itching to get outside and do an outdoor activity.

After sitting around having our morning coffee and toast we decided we had to get outside – quick!

What should we do?!

nixie sparrow

Breakneck Mountain!


Breakneck is one of our favorite places to hike.

Lots of fun rock scaling – feels like a puzzle!

nixie sparrow

nixie sparrow



And everytime you think you’ve hit the top you find you can keep going higher…


(Don’t worry, no harm above.. Just scratched the surface with a pebble!)

nixie sparrow

It was a little windy (which is slightly scary when you’re standing on the edge!) but as long as you’re careful it is nothing but peaceful.





And of course, since it was one of the very FIRST warm, sunny days of spring, a lot of the descending trail still had snow.

Actually, most of our path going down the mountain was a straight decline of packed flurries.

We bumped into a group of guys who were having trouble making their way down (some of the sections were slippery!)

Out of nowhere, without even meeting or exchanging names, we found ourselves racing down the mountain in the snow.

nixie sparrow

We had never done anything like it!

Typically when you are hiking down a mountain, you are paying attention to your feet so you don’t slip or fall – or atleast that is what is going through my mind when you are blessed with two left feet.

You barely look up as you investigate each step so you don’t trip over yourself or slip on rocks.

There was just enough packed snow to run down the entire mountain, sinking our heels into each and every step.

It was a little scary at first.

“Sarah, do NOT trip and twist your ankle!”

nixie sparrow

Luckily we made it.

No twisted ankles. No “broken necks”.

One of our most memorable hikes to date..

<3 S

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