nixie sparrow - sarah beinstein megan lawrence

Okay, What is “Nixie Sparrow” anyway?!

Well, we could give you a long-winded explanation of where we got the name but it is really very simple. “Nixie” is a water spirit and we love our area along the Hudson River. “Sparrow” is a symbol for community and creativity.

After playing around with several words we just loved how this sounded.

Easy, eh?

Are you just a blog?

Nope! We have a DIY Workshop space in Beacon, NY. We have a calendar of events listed online or you can book a private DIY event for you and your friends, co-workers, peers, etc. Many have described our business as ‘Pinterest-to-life’.

Have you both lived in the Hudson Valley your whole lives?

Well, we would have to say 90% of our lives have been spent here. We both spent some time away at college or abroad in different countries but after experiencing several “chapters” away from home, our hearts have always led us back to the area.

What is a “typical” Nixie day like?

We don’t have a typical day. Just follow our blog and you’ll see we’re constantly exploring, crafting or trying new things!

What inspired you to begin your Nixie blog?

Our story is a long one but we live in a beautiful area and we are constantly surrounded by amazingly talented and creative people. We are in daily contact with so many individuals who either possess wonderful talents or withhold amazing historical stories about our area. Our goal is to showcase our exploration within the Hudson Valley as well as highlight all the creative, ambitious locals that we know and love! Too much beauty and talent can go unnoticed and we want to show the world what our area has to offer – inside and out!