What is DIY?

April 15, 2016
nixie sparrow - what is DIY?

For the past two years this three letter abbreviation has become an entity to our brand and also a very simple concept that can sometimes be mysteriously difficult to explain.

A phrase that is so very simple but also something that can, and should, be interpreted in very many ways.

“But what do you mean DO-IT-YOURSELF?”

 This self explanatory acronym is almost always related to arts and crafts but is much more than that.

From home improvement and gardening to decor and weddings, DIY allows the individual to work with their hands on something they find passion with.

Home, cars, plants, decor, cooking, beauty – anything and everything.

Fixing old cars, re-upholstering vintage chairs, re-purposing clothing ; these are all forms of creative expression that allow us to express ourselves in our most desired of ways.

DIY is not just arts and crafts but a way of life that allows you to unleash your creative side in any outlet you choose.

However you personally dive into that tiny corner of your brain that makes you want to fix or create something new or beautiful is our definition of DIY.

How do you DIY?



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