DIY Resin Knobs with White ‘Marble’ and Gold Leaf

April 18, 2016
DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow

For those of you who may have seen our episode with First Time Flippers on the DIY Network this past Saturday (4/16), you may have seen some resin marbled knobs that were added to a dresser for staging.

diy network - first time flippers - nixie sparrow

We are big fans of creating objects out of resin but it can be very temperamental – equal mixing and temperature are key!

Below you’ll see some of the step-by-step photos of our process as we decided to go ahead and make a few more..


-Easy Cast Resin

-Mold release (if mold is not silicone)

-(4) Plastic Cups

-Popsicle sticks (for stirring.. clean!)

-Cardboard strips

-Exacto knife

-Silicone Mold (We used an ice-cube tray that we purchased locally from Utensil in Beacon, NY!)

-Color pigment

-Gold leaf metal

-Toothpicks (if mixing in color and flakes)

-Screws to create the knob


-Rubber gloves

DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow 1. The Screw Base

We started by adjusting and preparing the screws evenly into the strips of cardboard (Seen below)

DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow

We eyeballed the strips of cardboard and marked the center of each square with a pencil.

Using an exacto knife, we created tiny holes to prepare holes for our screw.

DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow

At first we thought we could use baby clothespins to hold the screw in place but this didn’t work – so ignore all these little guys in the material photos!

DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow

Keeping them as even / level as possible are very important to keeping the screw from shifting.

DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow

The cardboard should sit flush agains the silicone mold with each screw placed in the center.

DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow

2. Next step : RESIN!

We could get into the nitty gritty details of mixing resin but you’re better off reading the directions as each brand is slightly different.

We WILL advise some pointers though!

  • Extreme heat or cold will prevent your resin from curing.. forever! If you don’t have a comfortable room temperature when mixing / preparing your resin, it will forever remain tacky. This is not very fun for your kitchen cabinet or dresser drawer knobs.
  • Mixing equal parts is very, very important.
  • Paying attention to your stir-time is also very important.
  • Do not stir too quickly or you’ll produce many, many little bubbles. Using low, warm heat from a hair dryer will help to remove these!
  • Gloves should be worn as this chemical is very strong and will be difficult to rinse from skin!
  • Should be use in a very well-ventilated area – clear of dirt and dust.

DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow

3. Stirring in the fun stuff!

After mixing your resin and evenly pouring it into each pocket of your mold, it’s time to add the ‘fixins’.

We decided to use white color pigment and gold flakes for our knobs. They were classy and clean but add a very fun element!

DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow

Using a toothpick, gently stir in the pieces of gold flake and white pigment.

**Be careful not to overdo it on your pigment!**

If you want a marbled effect, only a tiny amount on a toothpick is plenty to swirl around as it will begin to settle as the resin cures.

(Gold flakes are also a little testy so just beware, this is not the cleanest of projects!)

DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow

4. Let your knobs cure!

Curing time is dependent on the type of resin you purchased, room temperature and how thick you made your knobs.

It will most likely take about 48 hours..

DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow


Brand new knobs to revamp a dusty, old piece of furniture.

DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow DIY resin knobs - nixie sparrow

And for those who missed the episode, you can catch it again this Saturday, 4/23 at 8PM!

Good luck mixing!

<3 Nixie

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    I watched that episode and was so fascinated by the resin project. I have never worked with resin but would
    love to try this.

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