nixie sparrow - sarah beinstein (L), megan lawrence (R)

Nixie Sparrow was created by two young women, Megan and Sarah, who love the area in which they were raised, The Hudson Valley.

Upon graduating college there was always great pressure to leave town or head south to Manhattan like most 20-something year olds.
While they both love to travel and escape to big cities, their heart always brought them back to the Hudson Valley.
Both possessing passion for creativity and exploration, they felt the need to share their admiration for the area in which they live.
After lots of brainstorming to find their path, Nixie Sparrow was born.
They started this blog in the midst of searching for their physical DIY Workshop Space which opened October 2014.
Follow them on their blogging journey as their business continues to grow – from wedding and event decor, cooking, DIY, travel and much more.

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